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  • What are invisible bead extensions?
    Invisible bead extensions are adhesive free, braid free, and chemical free sewn in hair extensions. A track using beads is formed around your head and then wefts (strips of extension hair) are then sewn to that track. This continuous track of hair sewn around your head leaves you with the most natural looking results because there are no breaks in the hair extensions like tape-in or single bonded strands of hair. Invisible bead hair extensions offer more hair with less points of attachments to your natural hair reducing the risk of damage to your hair.
  • How long is the application process?
    Installation time depends on the desired end result but normally will take between 2-3 hours.
  • How long does extension hair last?
    Extension hair can last up to 12-14 months if properly cared for. Maintaining regular move up appointments, proper brushing, using the correct shampoo/conditioner/styling products, an reducing heat exposure will give your extension hair the most longevity.
  • How many rows will i need?
    One row is perfect for adding fullness. Most clients choose this option if they like their natural length but wish their hair was fuller. It's a great way to see if you like wearing and maintaining extensions. One row is very comfortable and is easy to blowdry and style Two Rows of hair is the most common choice for clients who are looking to add fullness and length. Three Rows are a great option for those growing out a shorter haircut, or who have tons of natural hair and need to match their own density.
  • Will extensions work with my lifestyle?
    Yep! During our consultation i'll be asking you questions about your lifestyle and giving you real and honest information about wearing and caring for extensions. I'll also come up with a placement plan specifically for you to make your extensions the most comfortable and suitable for how you like to wear your hair.
  • Once I get extensions, will I need to wear them forever?
    Absolutely not! While most clients do fall in love with how they look and feel while wearing extensions and WANT to wear them forever, this method is absolutely zero commitment. Because there are no adhesives or chemicals used in the application process, removal is super quick, easy, and gentle. You can enjoy your extensions for as long as your heart desires and when you're ready to take a break we can remove them and you can have them reinstalled at any time.
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