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Hidden Bead Placement

What are beaded hand-tied extensions?

Hand-tied extensions are adhesive free, braid free, and chemical free sewn in hair extensions. A track using beads is formed around your head and then wefts (long strips of hair) are then sewn to that track. This continuous track of hair sewn around your head leaves you with the most natural looking results because there are no breaks in the hair extensions like Tape- Ins or single bonded strands of hair. Hand tied hair extensions offer more hair with less points of attachments to your natural hair reducing the risk of damage to your hair. 

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how long is the application process?

Installation time depends on the desired end result but normally will take between 2-3 hours

how long do beaded hand-tied extensions last?

Up to 12 months if properly cared for. You must maintain regular move-up appointments, proper brushing, and use the correct shampoo/conditioner/styling products & tools.

what is the maintenance?

These extensions must be moved up every 6 to 8 weeks.  This appointment takes around 1 ½ – 2 hours to complete. During this service, i will remove the sewn thread on your rows and then reapply new beads and sew the weft back onto each row.  

if i wear my hair up, will you be able to see my extensions?

No. I am double certified in the Beaded Hand-tied Method as well as Secret Beaded Hand-tied Method. During your consultation we will discuss how you typically wear your hair and customize a placement pattern and extension style specific to your needs.You can still wear cute ponytails, messy top-knots, or braids while your extensions remain completely concealed.

complimentary consultations are required before booking an extension appointment

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